What People Are Saying

These are some of the great emails that Basketball Stars of America has received over the last few years

“Daryn - I just wanted to let you know what impact your program has had on Connor.  He's in 8th grade at Mars.  The Mars high school bball coach pulled him up to the 9th grade bball team today.  The coach said that he's only done this with three other players (Tim Fry at Pitt is one) in the past.  We are extremely honored and know Connor will do great.  Connor will definitely participate in your point guard training followed by the speed work this winter.  I look forward to you and Coach Al helping him grow as a basketball player.”

“Daryn - Frankie made the travel team at USC after trying for three years. I feel the Basketball Stars of America AAU program helped him to achieve his goal.  I can't wait for him to participate again this coming year”

“Daryn - Jordan has learned so much from playing with BSA.  I am so glad we found your organization.  The coaching he has had has been exceptional.  His coaches have pushed him and brought out the best in him.  Jordan truly respects you, your experience, and your knowledge of the game.  That was quite evident when he turned to you for advice last weekend regarding his future in basketball.  Jordan will do whatever it takes to play college basketball.  He appreciated your honest assessment of his abilities and what he still needs to do to achieve his dream of playing Division 1. You and the other coaches have demonstrated your interest in the players and doing what's right for them.  A coach can have such an impact on a player's life.  Your impact has been such a positive one. You have gone out of your way to help a young man achieve his dream.  Anyway, I just wanted you to know the powerful impact you and the other coaches have had on Jordan.  He and I will be forever grateful.”