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Dear Parents & Players -

The 2018 Basketball Stars of America Spring AAU Rosters are below. Note that these will change over the next few weeks as we hold Make Up Tryouts to fill empty roster spots. If you have a friend that missed tryouts and is looking to play, have them call our office at 412-400-1320. Weeknight Practices begin this week. Updated Times are below the rosters - with Team Names on them. Please Check These!

All BSA Teams (except 17U Elite-Bell and the DeRose teams) will be playing the next 2 weekends at the Tip Off Tournaments at North Allegheny Schools. Schedules will be emailed out on Wednesday Night.

Here is some important info:
Players are asked to bring a basketball with them. Their name should be written in Sharpie marker so the ball will be easy to find. If a player forgets a ball, each coach has a bag of basketballs that can be used.

Players should be dressed for basketball for the practices and games. That includes sneakers - preferably basketball sneakers.

All Players will receive a new BSA Uniform and Shooting Shirt before the 1st games (If we have them ready for the weeknight practices, we will give them out then, but most likely most will receive them next weekend). The Uniforms should always be worn for the games and may be used at practice.

For those who ordered extra gear through Registration, they should get that at either their 1st or 2nd weeknight practice.

All Balances are due by this weekend (unless a payment plan has been agreed to). Please call 412-400-1320 if you would like to pay by Credit Card or you may bring a check or cash this weekend! You may also pay online at:

Additional Gear & Team Sneakers are available at our Online Store at:

2018 Basketball Stars of America Spring AAU Rosters:

BSA North Hills Teams – Practice at Sports & Courts in Wexford, PA:

BSA 3rd/4th Boys – Jackson: Coach Gabe Jackson – 724-316-2466
Austin Avsec
Sydney Baumcratz
Carson Cunningham
Mac Johnson
Michael Koman
Trey Moses
Paisos Polamalu
Talan Tsai
Tyan Tsai
Michael Waters

BSA 6th/7th Boys – DiMaria/Jackson: Coaches Tony DiMaria – 412-370-9124 & Gabe Jackson – 724-316-2466
Madden Barone
JL Cook
Matthew Purucker
Troy Timko
Jaiden Williams
Logan Mellon
Trevor Orkwis
Clarence Ford Jr
Gerald (JJ) Kaelin

BSA 8th Boys Orange – Dizon: Coach Nick Dizon – 724-420-1811
Will Blass
Devin Burgess
Chris Copp
Jameson Grieco
Luca Michnowicz
Gabriel Mudd
Kevin Osselborn
Dylan Schlagel
Lucas Tiglio
Kevin Wilson

BSA 8th Boys White – Dizon: Coach Nick Dizon – 724-420-1811
Jack Garbin
Carter Huggins
Cody Messina
Kaden Monteleone
Deagan Moore
Mychael Scott
Hayden Thompson
Colin Welsh
Zachary Wrinn
Ben Aftanas

BSA 16U Boys – DiMaria/Humes: Coaches Tony DiMaria – 412-370-9124 & Nathan Humes – 724-584-4463
Vincent Byrne
Zachary Herbinko
Jackson Humes
Brad Perrotte
Noah Spanos
Duncan Thompson
Michael Unis
Malachi Armstead
Connor LaRue
Quinn McCoy

BSA 11/12U Girls – Menzies: Coach Dave Menzies – 412-377-1518
Emily Koman
Meredith Martin
Tabo Mkandawire
Grace Murray
Emma Nicotra
Mallory Pierce
Sara Topich
Olivia Waters

BSA 13U Girls – Dizon: Coach Nick Dizon – 724-420-1811
Kara Bridge
Rosalie Carden
Maisy Carmody
Victoria Drevna
Myla Fleming
Brooke Manuel
Shea McCoy
Morgan Phillips
Gianna Timko
Megan Yanief

BSA & Court Soldiers South Hills Teams – Practice at Hillcrest Christian Academy in Bethel Park and The Armory in Canonsburg:

BSA 3rd/4th Boys – Chapman/Ferguson: Coaches Steve Chapman – 412-737-8286 & Chris Ferguson – 304-546-8560
Steven Chapman
Jake Druga
Charles Gallina
Xander Gordon
Jay Greco
Jack Reiser
Carson Ryhn
Tyler Trecki

BSA 5th Boys – Chapman/Ferguson: Coaches Steve Chapman – 412-737-8286 & Chris Ferguson – 304-546-8560
Vincent Acquaviva
Jake Arminas
Liam Connolly
Nathan Cox
Kias Dreher
Tayez Durant
Evan Morris
Kobe Yuyi

BSA 6th Boys – Chapman/McKlveen: Coaches Steve Chapman – 412-737-8286 & Edward McKlveen – 724-880-9247
Zachary Cheplic
Anthony DiLeo
Riley Farabaugh
Hector Gonzalez
Jack Greco
Evan Gude
Jacob Gude
Chad Massie
Dominic Michelangelo
Dorien Roberson

BSA 7th Boys – Nee: Coach Danny Nee – 412-916-0400
Rishi Chada
Calvin Daniels
Michael Dixson
John Janusek
Cody Karcher
Ryan Lawry
Max Manculich
Jesse Pettler
Dom Putignano

BSA 7th/8th Boys – Chapman/McKlveen: Coaches Steve Chapman – 412-737-8286 & Edward McKlveen – 724-880-9247
Samuel            Balash
Brandon Clifford
Alex Coccagna
John Joyce
Weston Khoury
Maddoc Lemley
Jacob Pehowic
Aidan Price
Jordan Williams
Matthew Zimmer

BSA 8th Boys – Nee: Coach Danny Nee – 412-916-0400
Brady Anderson
Kyler Bender
Daniel Bonacchi
Malachi Gale
Benjamin Guffey
Trey Jones
Evan Puhl
Nolan Weiss

BSA 9th Boys – Nee: Coach Danny Nee – 412-916-0400
Nathan Angott
Jake Callery
Carson Flynn
Justin Franks
Antonios Maniatis
Malachi Meredith
Henry North
William Stiffler
Alex Yanity

BSA 16/17U Boys – Nee: Coach Danny Nee – 412-916-0400
Kohl Bernarding
Luke Ferency
Connor Kelly
Creed Kisling
Nino Massaro
Cole Michaels
Stalin Oaks
Nick Simoncelli
Caleb Vinoverski
Tyler Watkins

Court Soldiers 5th/6th Girls – Chapman: Coach Steve Chapman – 412-737-8286
Ella Clifford
Essence Dreher
Maya Hamade
Alyssa Headley
Arianna Kelly
Violet Puskar
Kaitlyn Sukol
Emma Toosi

Court Soldiers 7th Girls – Chapman: Coach Steve Chapman – 412-737-8286
Rebecca Cox
Cami Feltz
Kara Liguori
Vriana Ruvalcaba
Gabrielle Sadowski
Brooklyn Williams
Brooklyn Wrzesinski
Rylee Yoest

Court Soldiers 8th Girls Purple – Chapman/Ferguson: Coaches Steve Chapman – 412-737-8286 & Chris Ferguson – 304-546-8560
Danielle Bagnell
Ileana Berkoski
Alyjah Carter
Makayla Donovan
Valeria Gonzalez
Paula Grachen
Kasandra Holland
Janna Turner

Court Soldiers 14U Girls National – Chapman: Coach Steve Chapman – 412-737-8286
Bella Andrews
Rubyana Ashman
Olivia Balch
Molly James
Kai Johnson
Dominique Mortimer
Eryn Roberson
Tori Wesolowski
Alayna Baughman*
Natalie Jasper*
Ileana Berkoski*

Court Soldiers HS Girls Elite - Chapman/Darrall: Coaches Steve Chapman – 412-737-8286 & Bill Darrall – 724-678-3248
Makayla Carter
Cassie Darrall
Zoe Downie
Kayla Haile
Katie Kirby
Arabella Sargent
Arely Valdez
Alayna Baughman*
Natalie Jasper*


BSA East Teams – Practice at Monroeville Sports Center in Monroeville:

BSA 3rd/4th Boys – Scorp: Coach Steve Scorpion – 724-244-4965 (Note: Practice moved to Wednesday at 5 pm!)
Joey Benson
Nick Devola
Cole Devola
DJ Lindenfelser
Trey McMurray
Kristopher Sharp
Benjamin Vokes

BSA 5th Boys – Scorp: Coach Steve Scorpion – 724-244-4965
Camden Ash
Jared Astorino
Joseph DeSantis
Drew Devola
Brody Fabio
Brandon Grossman
Jacob Musselman
Dominic Painter
Prince Tarrant
Elijah Work

BSA 7th Boys Orange – Scorp: Coach Steve Scorpion – 724-244-4965
Jack Clemente
Maxwell Leven
Malachi Moore
Zachary Sullivan
Damon Astorino
Drew Sleva
Jordan Tyre

BSA 7th Boys White – Scorp: Coach Steve Scorpion – 724-244-4965
Xavier Cyrus
Seth Favero
Nate Lyons
Jalil Morris
Jacob Mull
Mert Yanar
Landon Kauffman
Riley McCaw
Nathan Vokes

BSA 8th Boys – Kochka: Coach Luke Kochka – 412-715-2990
Heath Chase
Mike Detorre
Nick Neuschwander
Josh Pelusi
Max Rocco
Kyle Work
Izzy McGeorge*

BSA 9th Boys – Dizon: Coach Nick Dizon – 724-420-1811 (Note: Practice Moved to Wednesday at 6:30 pm!)
Izzy McGeorge*
Dylan Cain
Aidan Camerota
Nathan Fagan
Hunter Hicks
Alex Matsumura
Justice Mock
Bonzi Parks
Nate Taylor
Lance Young

BSA 16/17U Boys – Kochka: Coach Luke Kochka – 412-715-2990 (Note: Practice Moved to Wednesday at 7:30 pm)
Darwin Dillard
Ian Dryburgh
Brenden Edgar
Lamonte Farrish
Matthew Good
Joey Katona
Alec Lovejoy
Elgin Oliver
Alon Rutledge

BSA Teams at Other Practice Locations:

BSA 8th Boys Elite – DeRose: Coach Dan DeRose – 412-818-3412
Luke Daeschner
Robbie Jones
Ryan Lang
Matthew McDonough
Dylan Stull
*Rest of Team TBA

BSA 9th Boys Elite – DeRose: Coach Dan DeRose – 412-818-3412
*Roster TBA


BSA 17U Boys Elite – Bell – Coach Rick Bell:
Roster TBA


BSA Weeknight Practices: Week of March 5th:

The following are the times scheduled for practice next week. They may be adjusted some if we wind up adding teams this weekend, however they are most likely set. Most times will stay the same throughout the season, however we do add some time in late March & April at a few of the sites, so there will be a few adjustments made to add extra practice time for teams.

BSA North Hills AAU Team Practices at Sports & Courts, 304 Warrendale Road in Wexford, PA 15090:

Thursday, March 8th:

5 pm to 6:30 pm – BSA Spring Weeknight Skills Sessions - $35/Session or $275 for 10 Weekly Sessions (Only $100 for AAU Players for full season)

6:30 pm to 7:30 pm – BSA 3rd/4th Boys - Jackson & BSA 6th/7th Boys - DiMaria/Jackson & BSA 8th Boys White - Dizon

7:30 pm to 8:30 pm – BSA 11/12U Girls - Menzies & BSA 13U Girls - Dizon (Note: High School Girls should attend High School Girls Elite Team Practice at Hillcrest in Bethel Park on Tuesday at 7:30 pm)

8:30 pm to 9:30 pm – BSA 8th Boys Orange - Dizon & BSA 16U Boys - DiMaria/Humes


BSA South Hills AAU Team Practices at Hillcrest Christian Academy, 2500 Bethel Church Road in Bethel Park, PA 15102:

Tuesday, March 6th:

6 pm to 7:30 pm – BSA Spring Weeknight Skills Sessions - $35/Session or $275 for 10 Weekly Sessions (Only $100 for AAU Players for full season)

7:30 pm to 9 pm – Court Soldiers 14U Girls National - Chapman & Court Soldiers High School Girls Elite Teams - Chapman/Darrall

Thursday, March 8th:

6 pm to 7:30 pm – BSA 7th Boys - Nee & BSA 8th Boys - Nee

7:30 pm to 9 pm – BSA 9th Grade - Nee & BSA 16/17U Boys - Nee


BSA Pittsburgh South Hills AAU Team Practices at The Armory in Canonsburg, 16 W. College Ave in Canonsburg, PA 15317:

Monday, March 5th:

6 pm to 7:30 pm – BSA Spring Weeknight Skills Sessions - $35/Session or $275 for 10 Weekly Sessions (Only $100 for AAU Players for full season)

7:30 pm to 8:30 pm – BSA 3rd/4th Boys - Chapman/Ferguson & BSA 5th Boys - Chapman/Ferguson & Court Soldiers 5th/6th Girls - Chapman

8:30 pm to 9:30 pm – Court Soldiers 7th Girls - Chapman & Court Soldiers 8th Girls Orange - Chapman/Ferguson

Thursday, March 8th:

7:30 pm to 9:30 pm – BSA 6th Boys - Chapman/McKlveen & BSA 7th/8th Boys - Chapman/McKlveen


BSA Pittsburgh East AAU Team Practices at Monroeville Pro Sports Center, 855 MacBeth Drive in Monroeville, PA 15146:

Wednesday, March 7th:

5 pm to 6:30 pm – BSA Spring Weeknight Skills Sessions - $35/Session or $275 for 10 Weekly Sessions (Only $100 for AAU Players for full season)

5 pm to 6 pm – BSA 3rd/4th Boys - Scorp

6 pm to 7 pm - BSA 5th Boys - Scorp

6:30 pm to 7:30 pm - BSA 8th Boys - Kochka & BSA 9th Boys - Dizon

7 pm to 8:30 pm – BSA 7th Boys Orange - Scorp & BSA 7th Boys White - Scorp

7:30 pm to 8:30 pm - BSA 16/17U Boys - Kochka