Basketball Stars of America Health and Safety Plan

Updated on May 29, 2020

  1. Until further notice all Adult Staff Members will wear Masks/Face Coverings whenever working with campers/players.
  2. Youth Campers & Players are not required to wear Masks or Face Coverings, however they are encouraged to for their own safety.
  3. All Staff Members and Campers/Players should be prepared for a temperature check at camps, practices and games.
  4. Whenever possible, social distancing should be in effect.
  5. Players may bring their own basketballs for camps and practices. Those balls will be sanitized upon entry. Basketballs will also be provided by BSA and will be sanitized as much as possible.
  6. Only participants and coaches will be allowed into Camps and Practices. Parents, siblings and friends will not be allowed into the facility for Camps and Practices. Note that we will allow them for all games.
  7. Any player showing symptoms of sickness should stay home or will be sent home.
  8. Players and Coaches should wash their hands with soap and water prior to attending, during breaks and before they leave. All sites will have bathrooms with soap and paper towels. Coaches will also have sanitizer available to have players sanitize before starting a workout, camp or practice and during the sessions.
  9. BSA will disinfect frequently touched surfaces as much as possible.
  10. There will be communication to families whenever necessary.

    Additional Safeguards for BSA Tournaments:
  11. All Staff, Scorekeepers and Referees will wear masks/face coverings and most will wear gloves as well.
  12. Referees will use electronic whistles to eliminate the blowing of whistles.
  13. All Fans over 2 years old must wear masks/face coverings and should maintain social distancing (6 feet) from non-family members.
  14. Players must wear masks into and out of the Tournament Facilities. These masks may be taken off when the team begins to stretch or warm up for the game together. Players have the option to continue to wear masks during the games, but are not required to.
  15. BSA does not suggest any fans that are “high risk” to attend.
  16. BSA suggests using credit card to pay for admission and concessions. Cash will also be accepted. BSA is working with multiple companies to offer Online Ticketing and Live Streaming options. Those will be communicated.
  17. Hand Sanitizer will be available at all score tables. We would like all players to sanitize their hands before and after each game. Game Balls will be sanitized before, during and after each game.
  18. All Coaches must wear masks/face coverings.
  19. Coaches should refrain from yelling at referees to protect everyone. Any face to face arguing or contact with officials will lead to expulsion from event!
  20. BSA will be adding additional time to our Normal Game Times to allow teams to leave and others to come in.
  21. Teams, Coaches and their fans must depart the facility as soon as their game is over. There will be NO Post Game Bench Meetings.
  22. Teams and Coaches should enter the facility/gym No Earlier than 15 minutes before their games (even if it is 1st Game of the Day).
  23. Fans should not enter the facility/gym No Earlier than 10 minutes before their games. This will allow plenty of time to get a seat within social distancing rules.
  24. There will be NO Pre or Post Game Handshaking. Bows, Salutes, and Heart Taps are all options to show Sportsmanship. Also, extending a hand to help another player up, which has always been seen as great sportsmanship, should temporarily not be done.