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2017 BSA Summer AAU Rosters & Updated Practice Schedule:

Dear Players & Parents: 

I have placed the current Summer AAU Teams Rosters below, along with Coach's Contact Info. Always let a coach know if the player will not be able to make a game or tournament. I have also updated the Weeknight Practice Schedule below that (with teams). Players that ordered, but did not receive uniforms will get them at practice this week or at their 1st game this weekend. Outstanding balances can be paid online, by calling 412-400-1320 or you can bring a check to practice this week.

If you would like to register for an additional Weeknight Skills Practice each week, the cost is only $100 for Summer AAU Players. We offer these at each location and they are listed in the schedule below. If interested in adding these, please call 412-400-1320. All begin next week.

Tourney Update: This weekend, all BSA Summer AAU Teams will be playing in the Battle of The Burg Tournament (except BSA 16U Elite & 17U Elite, which are off). The Master Schedule will be posted tonight at:
I will send an email once it is up. Note that the Tournament from 2 weeks ago is currently up there, so please do not send me emails saying your team is not on the schedule until the June 9-11 Schedule is up. I will also put the event on the Tourney Machine App on Thursday, where you will be able to click your team name and find just their schedule, as well as follow the results live throughout the weekend. I will email a link for that on Thursday.

Below are the 2017 BSA Summer Rosters - Teams are separated by practice site (Boys Teams Youngest to Oldest, the Girls Teams Youngest to Oldest)

BSA North Teams - Practice Sites: Sports & Courts North & Penn Hills HS:

BSA Bulls Boys - Coach Nick Dizon - 724-420-1811
Damon Astorino
Devin Burgess
Nick Hemer
Logan Krushinski
Kevin Osselborn
Dylan Schlagel
Kevin Wilson
Lucas Tiglio

BSA Knicks Boys - Coach Dan DeRose - 412-818-3412
Matt McDonough
Ryan Lang
Luke Daeschner
6 Penn Hills Players

BSA Nuggets Boys - Coach Dave Menzies - 412-377-1518
Logan Wright
Jackson Humes
Mihajlo Ilic
Seth Koontz
Matt Kubay
Luke Lasko
Anthony Polito
Brayden Bartels
Jayshawn Greene
Luke Mancuso

BSA Dream Girls - Coach Nick Dizon - 724-420-1811
Grace Murray
Rosalie Carden
Victoria Drevna
Alexa McDole
Megan Yanief
Kara Bridge
Morgan Phillips*

BSA Fever Girls - Coach Nick Dizon - 724-420-1811
Jessica Bickart
Natalie Koehler
Brooke Manuel
Riley Might
Jordan Pintar
Sydney Ring
Gianna Timko
Olivia West
Morgan Phillips*

BSA 17U Elite Boys - Coach Dan DeRose - 412-818-3412
JJ Eubanks
Cory Fulton
Zachary Johnson
Sean Kelly
John Paul Kromka
Zach McDonough
Dave Richie
Sherron Schifino
Daivon Stephens
Chavar Williamson

BSA South Hills Teams - Practice Sites: Southpointe Courthouse & Hillcrest:

BSA Nets Boys - Coaches Steve Chapman & Chance Wright - 412-370-9336/412-412-849-6762
Nathan Cox
Rishi Chada
John Joyce
Weston Khoury
Mathew Kosslow
Steven Laurence
Alex Coccagna
Maddoc Lemley
Samuel Ward*

BSA Suns Boys - Coach Danny Nee - 412-916-0400
Kyler Bender
Noah Allen
Jaden Keating*
William Mallah*
Carson Flynn*
Samuel Ward*
Nino Massaro*

BSA Lakers Boys - Coach Danny Nee - 412-916-0400
Jacob Bobbs
Leonard Johns
Connor Kelly
Nino Massaro*
Caleb Schoeler
Colin Poe
Leo Clous
Trey Morris
Carson Flynn*
Will Mallah*
Jaden Keating*

BSA Liberty Girls - Coach Steve Chapman - 412-370-9336
Esther Ward
Violet Puskar
Addison Conrad
Aubrie Lovelace
Rebecca Cox
Cami Feltz
Lexi Ingram
Claire Redd
Allison Zane
Madison Johnson
Evie Minzer

BSA 7th Girls Elite - Coach Steve Chapman - 412-370-9336
Olivia Balch
Kai Johnson
Ileana Berkoski
Sophia DiLeonardo
Molly James
Dominique Mortimer
Aujaye Redman
Tori Wesoloski
Bella Andrews
Stellanie Loutsion

BSA Mystics Girls - Coach Steve Chapman - 412-370-9336
Joelle Jenkins
Rose Hunkele
Cassie Darrall
Alayna Baughman
Paula Grachen
Natalie Jasper
Haley Clancy
Emily Durila
McKenzie Green-Thompson

BSA East Teams - Practice Sites: Monroeville Sports Center & PISA:

BSA Bucks Boys - Coach Steve Scorpion - 724-244-4965
David Richardson
Jeffrey Vogel
Troy Timko
JL Cook
Brice Peeler
Jalen Hollins
Eric Oatneal
Nate Mallory
Stephaun Ricketts
Kendall Ricketts
Jake Druga

BSA Warriors Boys- Coach Steve Scorpion - 724-244-4965
Zachary Sullivan
Jordan Tyre
AJ Wagstaff
Jayden Richter
Kenyan Smith
Sean Feczko
Malachi Moore
Drew Sleva
MJ Stevenson
Tra Williams

BSA Spurs Boys - Coach Steve Scorpion - 724-244-4965
Julian Lynch
Mike Detorre
Timothy Jenkins
Brock Kephart
Donovan Taylor
Jaydon Carr
Brandon Davis
Daemar Kelly
Troy Patterson
Kaden Phipps
James Conn

BSA Clippers Boys - Coach Luke Kochka - 412-715-2990
Joseph Cirilano
Dylan Cain
Alex Matsumura
Lance Young
Patrick Shimko
Jayson Jenkins
Daylon Carr*
Cole Kendall
Micah Oliver
Austin Schropp
Khiree Smith

BSA 16U Elite Boys - Coach Daryn Freedman - 412-400-1320
Ian Dryburgh
Jimmy Moon
Gary Bonner
Courtney Jackson
Nate Roper
RJ Stevenson
Khori Fusco
Daylon Carr*
Brenden Edgar


BSA Summer AAU Practice Schedule:

For Players that chose Monroeville or PISA as their practice site:

Monroeville Sports Center:
Mondays 6 pm to 7:30 pm - Weeknight Skills (Extra $100 for Summer AAU Players)
Wednesdays 6 pm to 7:30 pm - BSA Bucks & Warriors Boys (Scorpion)
Wednesday 7:30 pm to 9 pm - BSA Spurs & Clippers Boys (Scorpion & Kochka)

Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena:
Tuesdays 6 pm to 7:30 pm - Weeknight Skills (Extra $100 for Summer AAU Players)


For Players that chose Southpointe Courthouse or Hillcrest Christian Academy as their practice site:

Southpointe Courthouse:
Mondays 6 pm to 7:30 pm - Weeknight Skills (Extra $100 for Summer AAU Players)
Mondays 7:30 pm to 9 pm - BSA Suns & Lakers Boys (Nee) & BSA Mystics Girls (Chapman)
Wednesdays 6 pm to 7:30 pm - BSA Nets Boys (Chapman/Wright) & BSA Liberty Girls (Chapman)
Wednesdays 7:30 pm to 9 pm - BSA 7th Girls Elite (Chapman)

Hillcrest Christian Academy:
Thursdays 6 pm to 7:30 pm - Weeknight Skills (Extra $100 for Summer AAU Players)
Thursdays 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm - BSA Suns & Lakers Boys (Nee) 

For Players that chose Sports & Courts North - Wexford as their practice site:

Sports & Courts North - Wexford:
Tuesdays 6 pm to 7:30 pm - Weeknight Skills (Extra $100 for Summer AAU Players)
Tuesdays 7:30 pm to 9 pm - BSA Fever Girls (Dizon)
Thursdays 6 pm to 7:30 pm - BSA Dream Girls (Dizon) & BSA Nuggets Boys (Menzies)
Thursdays 7:30 pm to 9 pm - BSA Bulls Boys (Dizon)

These Teams Should Check with Coaches on Practice Times & Locations - Practicing at Alternate Sites:
BSA 16U Boys Elite (Freedman) - No Practice This Week - Off This Weekend
BSA 17U Boys Elite (DeRose)
BSA Knicks Boys (DeRose)