2023 National College Men’s Basketball Recruiting Showcase Registration Form:

Name: _____________________________________________________________

Current Grade: ___________ Height: ________________ Position: ___________

Current School: _____________ School City & State: ______________ Graduation Year: _____

Home Address: _________________________________________________________________

Player Phone Numbers: __________________________________________________________

Parents Phone Numbers: _________________________________________________________

Player Emails: _________________________________________________________________

Parents Emails: _________________________________________________________________

Showcase Events Attending (Mark all attending):

Spring Showcases:
___March 18   ___April 1 

Summer Showcases:
___June 11   ___June 24   ___July 15   ___August 6

Fall Showcases:
___September 2   ___September 23   ___October 15   ___October 28

Waiver: I understand that I am enrolling my child in the National College Men's Basketball Recruiting Showcase Program or affiliated program and that the Showcase Staff and any affiliates, Coaches or any coaches or facilities used will not be liable for any injuries incurred during participation in the program. I also understand that there are NO REFUNDS! If a player is injured and can't continue or if a program is changed or cancelled, the player will receive a prorated credit towards another program. I also understand that photos and names of any player or team may be used in future promotional items.
Signature: (Parent or Guardian if participant is under 18): _______________________________
*Please mail this form along with a check made out to: Basketball Stars of America, Inc.
To: Basketball Stars of America Inc. c/o Coach Daryn Freedman, 547 Burkes Drive, Coraopolis, PA 15108